6/8 Local Catch Network hosts a “Meet and Greet” with the Seaweed Commons

As seaweed becomes an increasingly valuable resource for a wide variety of culinary, industrial, and cosmetic applications, its role in the public trust and the marine environment are emergent and subject to industrial exploitation. This webinar introduced the broader marine community of LCN into our conversation around localized, ecological seaweed systems and how we can be in collaboration with other seafood producers. Seaweed Commons’ Severine Fleming, Amanda Swinimer, and Avery Resor spoke about changing seaweed economies, their role in the marine environment, and what collaboration with all kinds of seafood producers looks like. 

Watch the recording here.

This webinar focused on the themes of our 2022 Seaweed Commons Position Paper 

Speakers include:

Severine Fleming - Smithereen Farms
Amanda Swinimer - Dakini Tidal Wilds
Avery Resor - Daybreak Seaweed