A Project by The Greenhorns

For thirteen years, The Greenhorns have focused on cultural infrastructure for the incoming generation of organic farmers and ranchers. Our work has been to support young people entering the sector with education, training, networking, and acculturation into the life-world of the young farmers' movement.

We engage with agroecology, food sovereignty, regional food-system, ecological restoration, traditional and adaptive management practices, cooperative legal structures, open-source farm tool innovations, and more. We produce books, films, media, and projects spanning these topics. www.greenhorns.org 

The mainstream practices of land-based agriculture have eroded biodiversity, crop diversity, family farms, rural towns, watersheds, wetlands, soil, and human health. Why should farming practice under the water be any better?

Just as The Greenhorns is concerned with the traditions, health, and future resilience of our agricultural landscapes and the peasants and family farmers who tend these places, so too are we concerned with the communities of the inter-tide and coastal ecology. 

As small scale seaweed aquaculture gains traction off the coast of New England, we recognize the import for this same work to happen around the community of first time aquaculturists getting their permits, and their feet wet in marine biology. How do we create a good habitat for the young farmers of the sea, and a culture that is respectful, attentive, and scale-appropriate that matches the long strong tradition of alternative agriculture on the land?



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