Aquaculture Policy:  LD 1146
Join us as we testify for regulations to limit the lease size of aquaculture in Maine. 
Small is beautiful—high quality, high conservation value—that’s our path!


LD 1146, "An Act To Protect Maine's Ocean Waters and Support Regulatory Oversight and the Long-term Health of the Aquaculture Industry", will limit leases, stop transferability of leases, and prompt a commission to evaluate and address concerns with permissive aquaculture leasing.


Highlights from LD 1146

  • This bill is a starting point to include all voices in the conversation around Maine’s ocean waters.
  • LD 1146 advocates for a new permitting framework for aquaculture leases.
  • Currently, we know that 95-97% of the leases are approved by DMR.
  • We believe the criteria for approval are so weak it enables the commissioner to grant leases. “unreasonable interference” is too broad, allows for consolidated power, and does not protect Maine's coast.
  • The number of staff available for these leases is inadequate especially around monitoring leases that can now be held for 20 years.
  • Bill requires that leases revert back to the state as lobster licenses do.
  • We need a plan in Maine – aquaculture is good, but the state has no plan for Maine's coast and we have a lot riding on it. 
  • 1,000 acres is too much – it happened in 2006 when the Marine Resources committee held hearings and allowed it to grow to an aggregate of 1,000 acres. 
  • We are seeing so much conflict on the water and the state still refuses to have a conversation around it. 


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