Educational Resources

From extension courses to classroom curriculum for self-education and learning opportunities



For Youth

Herring Gut Learning Center

The Algae Foundation

The Algae Academy is a K-12 Algae STEM Initiative

Fishadelphia is a community based fisheries program run by high school students

After school program curriculum: Fishadelphia how to manual 

For Adults 

Algae Technology Education Consortium: The seaweed course is an online compendium of videos chosen and newly created to give a thorough initiation into the culture of various commercial seaweeds, including kelps, for those interested in getting started in algal-based aquaculture.

Aquaculture in Shared Waters Curriculum: The Aquaculture in Shared Waters program prepares fishermen to start an aquaculture venture, with associated research to understand the attitudes, perceptions and knowledge of fishermen with respect to this change.

Maine Seaweed Exchange

Slow Fish

Citizens for Responsible Aquaculture: International blog for and by coastal communities concerned with the negative impacts of industrial-scale fish farms. Includes viewpoints of community members from Canada, USA, Norway, Ireland and Chile.

Global Seaweed Project, SAMS: This project aims to create a global ambitious network of partners tackling emerging issues in seaweed cultivation (e.g. pests, invasives, pathogens), using a combination of two-way knowledge transfer and community-oriented research activities.

Maine Seaweed Offers apprenticeships for comitted wild seaweed harvesters and learners

The Algae Foundation: The Algae Foundation provides K-16, graduate and post graduates travel grants

Introduction to Algae Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): This course brings together some of the foremost algae experts from industry and academia

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