Human Health

Edible seaweeds like nori, wakame, dulse, and alaria are of value nutritionally for their minerals and trace minerals. Our ocean contains all the dissolved minerals from billions of years of rivers coursing through geology, the lava upwelling, and rainbow-colored mountain ranges of rock degrading. The minerals stay in the sea. Seaweeds absorb these minerals into their bodies. You can see the beautiful crystalline powder on the surface of dried seaweeds. These are minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, copper, zinc, cobalt, chromium, and boron. The electrically charged minerals drive the shape and morphology of the crystals and drive thousands of metabolic and neurological pathways in the body. Each of our human cells and neurons has sodium channels and other electrolyte-powered channels and pumps to bring in new materials and flush out waste, transmit signals, and react to and provide critical functions in structural and regulatory roles in our blood and lymphatic system. So much of our health and immunity depends on minerals within our bodies.

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