Support Local Citizens for SMART Growth: Salmon Farm

From: Local Citizens for SMART Growth: Salmon Farm

No Thanks, No Fish Tanks for ME! is a campaign launched by Local Citizens for SMART Growth (LCSG), a group formed in response to the possibility of a massive industrial salmon farm being built by Nordic Aquafarms, a foreign corporation, on 40 acres of previously pristine green recreational space bordering the Little River and Reservoir in Belfast, Maine. Belfast is a rural community of 6,300 residents, with an eclectic and entrepreneurial identity as an environmentally aware, socially conscious place to visit and live. 

A list of agencies, representatives and groups EVERYONE should be writing and calling, and asking all friends and family to do the same, is below. 
On the Upstream Watch website there is a RESEARCH page. People can read there on different testimonies on the project and the issues with each topic. we will be getting more info up asap. Please check back regularly.
A special call or letter to Eric Herbig’s office to voice your opinion  about the below “business meeting” that casts Nordic as already here would be great.
In order to resist the pressure to rubber stamp this factory our reps, the DEP, the Planning Board all need to know they have AMPLE public support. 
Calls/letters that are kind, humble, respectful, yet very firm are most effective. Attacking and blaming people doesn’t work, saying why we care does.
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