As seaweed becomes an increasingly valuable resource for a wide variety of culinary, industrial, and cosmetic applications, its role in the public trust and the marine environment are emergent and subject to industrial exploitation.

Seaweed Commons seeks to form ecological seaweed coalitions, support and inform public discourse, increase algal literacy, and advocate for appropriately scaled, just seaweed economies. Our methods are based in systems theory and conservation biology, and are grounded in the principles of ecosystem-based management of community fisheries. 



PSA: Oxford Real Farming Conference (January 2023) call for submissions ends June 30! Seaweed Commons will be speaking about the implications of seaweed as organic fertilizer and livestock feed and potential for land and sea farmers to collaborate - do you have a topic to present or request at this conference? Submit a proposal here.

Join us for an upcoming event:


  • June 23, 2022: Seaweed Commons Community Call. 1:30 PM Eastern /10:30 AM Pacific (US/CAN). Register Here.



  • Sept. 12-13: Oxford Real Farming Conference - Seaweed Commons on the use of algae in organic farming.




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