Mushrooms to the Rescue 

The Working Waterfront - June 15, 2022


Mushroom buoys could be contender in fight to reduce ocean plastics.

The Bangor Daily News - April 19, 2022


Aquaculture and the Plastic Problem: Downeast Oyster and Kelp Growers Testing Alternative Gear

Edible Magazine, Maine - December 1, 2021


'All other life exists within their shelter': Irreplaceable Value of Maine's Rockweed Ecosystems

Maine Monitor - September26, 2021


Kelp at the Crossroads: Should Seaweed Farming Be Better Regulated?

Civil Eats - July 20, 2021


ROCKWEED: Underwater Forest of Industrial Commodity? 

Down to Earth Podcast, the Quivira Coaltion - June 2021


For a healthy spring garden, try using seaweed for winter protection

The Bangor Daily News - October 21, 2020


The Commons to Which We Belong

For the Wild Podcast - December 23, 2020



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