Alaska Seaweed Start Up Training

Alaska Sea Grant hosted a two-hour introductory webinar, held February 2, 2021, as part of the 2021 Seaweed Farm Start-up Training Program for Alaska residents interested in starting their own seaweed farm in Alaska. The series was targeted towards commercial fishermen, Alaska Natives, and fishing communities.

A representative Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (a non-profit representing harvesters, seafood processors, and the support sector business in Alaska) introduces the Alaska Mariculture Initiative as a partner in this training program.

"When we talk about mariculture, we mean [not finfish farming, but]enhancement, restoration, and farming of shellfish and seaweed." 

This is followed by a "Seaweed Farming 101" introduction by the Alaska Sea Grant Hosts, and a great Q&A!

Watch the recording here!