New seaweed read for West coast folk!

The Curious World of Seaweed by Josie Iselin is available for pre-order from Heyday Books.

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The Curious World of Seaweed Book Page
I got to stop by Heyday Books the other day and hold The Curious World of Seaweed in my hand. It is a marvel, with embossed letters, both front and back, foil stamped with gold. The cover image is mysterious, enticing one into the pages to read the ecological and historical context for all this beauty and curiousity. Mary Ellen Hannibal's wonderful quote graces the back cover, alongside Stephanocystis osmundacea (featured in chapter 3). Otter, sea urchin and many inspiring women scientists figure prominantly throughout, but the stories always revolve around the macroalgae, the seaweed and kelp. My instagram feed gives a taste of the crazy ride that has been the last few months, but now it is time to take a breath and pre-order this book! The official release date is August 6, and I am busy scheduling lots of fun events, from seaweed symposia and soirees to exhibits and presentations. The first will be August 5--a grand release book event at BookShopSantaCruz. Put it on your calendar! And others are going up on the ever updated EVENTS page, so keep an eye out!
There are two great ways to make sure your copy is ready for you on August 6:
  • Go to the Heyday pre-order page for the book and choose your source. All are fine. 
  • Pop into your local bookstore and ask them to order a copy for you to pick up on August 6th. This is a fabulous way to spread the word and get bookstores to order the book.
  • IF YOU ARE A BOOKSELLER the catalogue pages are here.
    • contact your Publishers Group West/Ingram rep: 
    • call (866) 400-5351, fax (800) 838-1149 | e-mail [email protected]| IPS SAN: 6318630               National Accounts: (800) 343.4499 | e-mail [email protected]

      or call Christopher @ Heyday [email protected] Phone: (510) 549-3564 (x309)
Added bonus: there are beautiful notecards to go with it all.
Seaweed Notecard Box
Serena and Lily fine art prints are available HERE.
Josie Iselin Ocean Inspired Scarves (including the new BLUE collection) are HERE
Josie's Instagram
Thank you to all Instagram followers. We are having a great time over there. Come along!
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