Slow Fish 2021 online panel recording

Seaweed Industry or Seaweed Commons Panel
Many moons ago, we posted about the Slow Fish 2021 conference hosted by Slow Food last July. Here's the recording of the "Seaweed Industry or Seaweed Commons" panel, moderated by Severine Von Tscharner Fleming and featuring our friend Amanda Swinimer from Dakini Tidal Wilds.

"As moderator Severine Von Tscharner Fleming summed up, in order to establish a seaweed commons and ensure that people take an interest in this crucial topic—and thus exert citizen pressure on authorities—it’s vital to get as many people involved as possible, and as Nalani does, get people in the water. 'Because statistics can be confusing and scary but they’re also easy to ignore. The important thing is for people to develop an emotional bond with marine ecosystems, to care for them.'”

As Amanda Swinimer summarized, 'The most important way we can ensure a respectful and ethical relationship with seaweed, like with any other natural thing, is to share our passion for it with other people, especially young people. That emotional connection is what inspires us to fiercely protect our planet. All life evolved from algae. If we can tap into this ancient connection, we can create a ripple effect and heal our relationship both with nature and each other.'"