Watch: The Seaweed Man

Our friend and Seaweed Commons collaborator, Larch Hanson, kelp harvester and Maine Seaweed Company founder offers us a treasure trove of seaweed videos on the Maine Seaweed website.

For those of you who have yet to witness a seaweed harvest, there is a short clip of an ocean foam-filled alaria harvest. For those seeking seaweed stories, “The Seaweed Man” video tells Larch’s story of learning to harvest and growing his business and relationship to seaweed, with backdrops of wading boots, self-built boats, and sunrise-on-the-water shots from 4 am harvests. 

New or old to the world of seaweeds, may you all rejoice in Larch’s poetics in the “Perennial Plate” episode - and the clip of kelp being unloaded, so slippery and bright you can almost smell it!

“In a universe that’s very tumultuous, the human soul finds a sweet spot, where it can hang for a while… And then finally, when we come out of the ocean and bring the ocean with us, we tuck the ocean inside of our blood stream. We are doing the same dance. We are trying to find a place where we can just hang, with balanced forces.”